Dr. Panagiotis Karkatsoulis


I have studied law (University of Athens) with a PhD. on Law Sociology (Bielefki University, Germany), multiple participations in international conferences and fora, and constant writing activity. I would introduce myself as a technocrat and world citizen, steadily oriented to the reversion of the negative stereotypes connected to the Greek administrative culture. I was present at the planning and implementation of major administrative reforms, including the KEPs, and I am confident that they will come to include Operational Programme “Administrative Reform”, that is currently being carried out. My work includes consultation services for reform projects of centralized and de-centralised public administration (Greece, FYROM, Kossovo, Uzbekistan, Syria, Indonesia, Russia, Georgia, Cyprus) and I am also the national representative at the European Union high risk group on better legislation. Also, I am an expert at the OECD and I teach at the National School of Public Administration (ASPA). In 2003 I was honoured by the American Society for Public Administration (Peter Boorsma Award). In 2012 I was awarded the ASPA's "International Public Sector Award".

Prof. Effi Lambropoulou


LL.L (Athens, Greece), Postgraduate Studies in Sociology of Criminal Law and Ph.D. in Criminology/ Penology & Correctional Policy (Universities of Bielefeld & Freiburg i.Br. Germany); worked with the Criminological Research Group at the Max-Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law (Freiburg, Germany). Research and Courses: Social control, corrections, policing, illegal markets, ecology of crime, Sociology of Criminal Law. Member of Greek and European Scientific Societies in the field. European and international cooperation and research. Visiting research Fellow of the Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge/UK. Professional experience and activities in: Police reform, Evaluation of national drug control policies; Correctional Policy and treatment of offenders.

Efi Stefopoulou


Although my first choice was the Science of Physics (University of Patras), my interests quickly shifted from the laws of nature to the laws of the state and therefore I turned to the field of Administrative Science. I have an MPA in public policies (University of Athens) and have graduated from the National School of Public Administration, after which I was posted at the Ministry of the Interior. Before that I had worked at the banking sector for ten years, with credit risk management as my main objective. Amongst other things, I participated in the design and negotiation of O.P. “Administrative Reform”. I promote the better regulation policy and I participate in the regulatory reform policy committee at the OECD and in respective groups of the EU. My interests also include social consultation and strategic planning.

Konstantinos Bouas


I started my studies in the field of political science with a degree in International & European Studies (Panteion University) and continued with a M.Sc. and expertise in "Law and Business Economics". Although for several years I was involved in the business sector, administrative science and strong support for administrative reforms captured my interest. I am a graduate of the Greek National School of Public Administration and I have worked as an expert in the Ministry of Interior on issues concerning procedures simplification and service delivery. I have participated actively in numerous projects and working groups in order to promote administrative reform agenda and I have represented my country in scientific fora and international organizations (OECD). For the last few years, I have been working as expert on strategic planning of the EU co-funded Operational Program “Administrative Reform 2007-2013”. My interests are mainly focused on strategic planning, performance measurement and management, structures and process reengineering and service delivery.

Petros Katsimardos


I have studied economics (University of Athens) and I hold a MPA in public policy (University of Athens). I have worked in financial and banking sector for a short period, before focusing on administrative science. I graduated from National School of Public Administration and worked for five years in Ministry of Interior. Currently, I am working in Special Agency for Strategic Planning of Ministry of Administrative Reform and E-Gov, actively participating in planning and implementation of projects concerning administrative reform. My scientific interest includes strategic planning, public finance and budgeting, performance management and organizational design.