Towards Smart Regulation in Europe

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This collective work (450 pp) under the direction of F. Barazzoni and F. Basilica (Italy) collects country chapters in a review of the state of smart regulation initiatives in Europe. All the best experts contributed to this panorama of regulatory quality: in addition to the editors (for Italy), H. Brinkman & F. Frick (Germany, P. Nurmi (Finland), P. Karkatsoulis (Greece), J. Nijland (Netherlands), M. Leitao Marques (Portugal, E. Schizas (U.K.), S. Penec and A. Marusic (Serbia). Your blogger wrote the EU chapter and France (with M. Hainque). All chapters are accompanied by a translation into Italian.
Written by experienced practicioners connected with the academic world, this book contains an unprecedented analysis of Better Regulation and its evolution towards Smart Regulation, the political objective that Europe adopted in 2005 to simplify the regulatory environment and create the conditions for introducing smarter rules and avoid imbalances between costs and benefits, unclear or unworkable rules . It shows that Smart Regulation is now an essential aspect of economic policy of European countries and the Union itself, making it a lever to improve growth, competitiveness, economic development and employment.
According to the back cover notice "the importance of these issues has led the authors to reflect together on the most innovative initiatives to improve the quality of regulation adopted in various countries and European institutions, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. The comparative approach highlights the main trends and significant differences between the approaches and tools of reform adopted by individual countries and European institutions, offering insights for scholars and practitioners for further study and practical developments, both in the European national, in the belief that improving the regulation still represents a challenge that requires continuous adjustments in light of the economic environment and the system of European governance." You can preview large sections of the new volume in Google Books.

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Title in Italian: Verso la smart regulation in Europa

Year: 2013

Pages: 456



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