Konstantinos Bouas


I started my studies in the field of political science with a degree in International & European Studies (Panteion University) and continued with a M.Sc. and expertise in "Law and Business Economics". Although for several years I was involved in the business sector, administrative science and strong support for administrative reforms captured my interest. I am a graduate of the Greek National School of Public Administration and I have worked as an expert in the Ministry of Interior on issues concerning procedures simplification and service delivery. I have participated actively in numerous projects and working groups in order to promote administrative reform agenda and I have represented my country in scientific fora and international organizations (OECD). For the last few years, I have been working as expert on strategic planning of the EU co-funded Operational Program “Administrative Reform 2007-2013”. My interests are mainly focused on strategic planning, performance measurement and management, structures and process reengineering and service delivery.